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The Enslin Family: South Africa

The Enslin family history in South Africa starts in the year 1752 when a 23-year-old soldier from Germany belonging to the Dutch East Indian Companje landed in the Cape of Good Hope on a ship named "Bevalligheid"...

...These soldiers were recruited from the Dutch and German armies by the Dutch East Indian Companje and brought to the Cape to guard the Castle and the farms around the Cape against the Hottentots.

Johan, Adam (Hans) Enslin was born in Oberdorf / Bopfingen in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany on 29/7/1729.  His father was Hans, Adam Enslin and he was a cattle farmer in Oberdorf / Bopfingen. 
The name Enslin (Aenslin as it was spelt at the time) was traced back to the year 1401 in Germany.

Out of this marriage 11 children were born and Johan Adam Enslin died in June 1801 in the Paarl and was laid to rest there.

His 7th child was Christofel Bernardus Enslin and he again had 9 children. His first child Johan, Adam Enslin was the leader of the "Jerusalemgangers". His youngest brother (the 9th child of Christofel, Bernardus) was George, Frederik Enslin and the administrators of this website descends from him.

Origins of the Enslin Name

It is believed the Enslin name originated from the name Anselm or Anshelm ("Ans"- which means "Godly", and "Helm" which means "shield, protection by God"). Another meaning derives from the name Entslein which in German means small duck.

Other variations of the name are Entslein, Ansel, Ensel, Enzel and Enslin.

The Purpose of this Website

The purpose of the website and the information regarding the Enslin family history on this website is mainly for four reasons.

• To establish a point of reference for current and especially future generations to see where they come from and where they fit into the family.

• To inspire Enslin family members (as well as others) to come forward with useful information regarding the family history.

• To pay tribute to our ancestors who through the generations courageously and unselfishly shaped the future for us.

• To thank members of the family for the research done over many years and which they have documented and to make the information available to whom it may concern.

We thank you, the reader, for your time and interest you have expressed in the Enslin family.

Welcome South Africa, Germany, America, Canada, Netherlands and others.

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